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Lives: Auckland, NZ

Fave food: duck tenders and anything that tastes of chicken!

Fave toy: penguin 

Fave place: the beach - any beach as we have soooo many lovely beaches in New Zealand, although I prefer the beach when there are no sharks around! I also love going on trail walks where there are lots of new smells and other dogs to meet - I love meeting dogs and their hoomans so I always stop to say hello!

Hobbies: snuggles, sun-bathing, swimming in the ocean, zoomies and playing chase with my little hoomans! 

Lives: Mount Maunganui, NZ

Fave food: hills pet food and apples! I love licking and nibbling them! 

Fave toy: my small blue and orange squaky rubber ball - I would squak it alllllll day if I could!

Fave place: the beach - my hoomans love it because there's always sand everywhere!

Hobbies: stealing my hoomans socks when I want attention. Also playing with my ball and snuggles with my hoomans. And dog treats at Tay Street Cafe while my hoomans get their liquid hooman energy!

I also LOVE snuggles! 

Lives: Melbourne, Australia

Fave food: 

Fave toy: 

Fave place: 



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